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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

telling tales: wire and fibre rings "poppy" and "candy"

wire and fibre ring: poppy
wire and fibre "poppy" ring

Continuing this week's 'telling tales' garden theme, and also introducing a new technique!
My first house used to be filled with flowers - I bought myself a tiny little terraced cottage in the north of England and mortgaged myself to the hilt in the early nineties. My one luxury was buying fresh flowers at the local market every second weekend (I was on call on the other weekends and forever at the mercy of the phone). I would bring my newspaper wrapped bundle home and spend an hour or so distributing blooms in vases around the house. On the weekends when I didn't stay in Morpeth I'd be heading home over the border and would return laden with blooms from my parents' garden to sustain me for the week.


rose in bloom in my parents' garden

red velvet
chocolate bloom!

The new technique I've incorporated into the wire crochet rings is needle felting. As readers of the blog you will know by now that I love combining wire with fibre then felting it. Usually this is done by embroidering with the feltable fibre before slinging the whole lot into the washer. Needle felting is a little more refined! For one thing, it's done dry, and there's a lot more control over what the final piece looks like. However, needle felting fibre to wire is tricky ...... and that's all I'm saying on the subject!

candy bloom ring
"candy" wire and fibre ring
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