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Friday, May 14, 2010

telling tales: beachcomber bib necklace

beachcomber gold

For a while most of my wire crochet work was quite "small" - small beads, nothing too chunky or 'in your face'.
That all changed when I noticed in some of the style magazines (yes, I do read them ..... but mostly ignore them!) that jewelry, especially necklaces, was getting bolder.

copper beachcomber

So how to incorporate that look with wire crochet? I'm always up for a challenge to get me thinking out of my normal comfort zone. Custom projects are a great way to do this, working to someone else's colour palate, for example. It's also fun to interpret current trends in your own way too.

beachcomber silver

Of course the ocean once more provided the inspiration and voila! the beachcomber necklace was born. Featuring fewer but bigger beads than normal, this was my interpretation of casting a net into a particularly lush ocean and bringing the catch aboard caught in the mesh.

ebb avatar colour manip

It's become one of my favourite styles, worked in all colourways including silver, gold, copper and black artistic wire. I have a copper version of my own (seen in one of my avatars as above) and wear it with both casual and formal outfits.It's a shorter necklace or choker but can be worn longer if required. It's bold but classy, and certainly adds a 'pop' to any neckline.
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