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Friday, May 21, 2010

telling tales: a little garden for your wrist W.I.P.

garden landscape tile detail

The "into the garden" cuff shown here is a panel or quilt bracelet made up of five squares of wire crochet linked together with jump rings.
The four outer panels contain simple clusters of glass beads. The centre panel has quite a different treatment.

a new garden under construction

First the panel was embroidered with fibre, natural and synthetic.

a little garden

Then it was 'planted' with stems and glass flower beads. Once these were in place the whole panel was felted or fulled to mesh the materials together.

miniature garden complete

Vintage plastic flower cabachons were glued to the stems and the bracelet assembled.
Voila! A little garden for your wrist; it never needs watering and the lawn never needs mowing.

a terrarium for your wrist!

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