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Saturday, May 1, 2010

telling tales: Is It Spring Yet?

Is It Spring Yet? wire crochet bracelet

This month I'm the featured artist in the local artist cooperative giftshop which I sell thru. It's an incredible honour and means that my work is showcased in a beautiful display for all visitors to see.
There are wire crochet cuffs, wire and fibre brooches and my new needle felted rings on view in a gorgeous setting (thanks Val and Alina).
So for May I thought I would try to tell the story behind some of  the pieces on display.
I should admit straight up that I've already blogged about the Is It Spring Yet? theme, but it's a story worth telling again IMO!
Each piece features white beads on silver wire but with three green beads hiding in the mix. I usually make an Is It Spring Yet? piece at the end of the winter when I'm longing to see new growth and am totally fed up with snow, grey weather and rain (it being Vancouver BC and all). The three green beads represent that green growth, the new shoots of spring. Totally white pieces on silver generally get called 'inverno' or winter, so adding the green breaks the monotony. I usually only make one Is It Spring Yet? piece per year so it is something of a limited edition. This year's project was a three stranded wire crochet bracelet in argentium sterling silver with glass, white agate, white howlite and pearls. The tiny green beads are green glass.
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