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Thursday, April 30, 2009

gearing up for spring in Vancouver BC

You must attend the Got Craft? spring craft fair this Sunday and shop local for your Mother's Day pressies!

Legion Hall
Commercial Drive @ E6th
11am - 5pm
$2 admission
swag bag for the first 30 thru the door!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

in person

ready for rouging

meet me here on sunday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pace hots up for portable crafting

portable crafting projects to go

collection of portable crafting projects to go

As personal time runs out I rely more and more on making my crafting portable so I can pull out a project to work on while I'm running errands or doing the mum stuff. I'll be selling at the spring Got Craft? fair at the Legion Hall (on Commercial Drive @ E6th Avenue in Vancouver, 11am to 5pm) on Sunday, May 3rd so I have some prep to do for this. I also have a birthday to get ready for - somehow I don't think that even if I knit like the wind will I have the sweater top left ready for wrapping. I'm onto the armhole shaping on the front, having completed the back and one sleeve so it would be a possibility if I didn't also have a million other tasks to complete.

For the first time at a craft fair I'll have some supplies to sell. I have spare wire beads in addition to the wire crochet cuff kits to put out on the table so come on down all you DIY'ers.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunny outside, finished morning coffee, must start the day for more crafting http://ping.fm/CiAgN

just for etsy day!

In honour of Etsy Day I thought I would offer free North American shipping in my artfire shop!

Just quote "etsyday" in your notes to seller at checkout. International buyers will get shipping at US rates and refunds will be made thru PayPal once payment has been received.

Have a very happy etsy day indeed!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

should i blog the pilaff recipe? hmmm - it is a good quick meal

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day - ebbandflo is doing her crafty bit

I've always been a thrifty gal, my mother's influence from her own rationing and wartime in London experiences have helped shape me as someone who hates to discard. Even my craft studio is built around semi-conservation/upcycling principles - a lot of my crafting materials are stored in those transparent plastic boxes which prepared salads come in. They are ideal since they stack, are easily labelled, are lightweight and the contents are seen readily.

flotsam "quilt" cuff
However, I'm not as quick as some sellers of handmade to jump on the eco bandwagon. I've made a few tagging changes to fit in with the Etsy perception of 'being green' (when in Rome, .....) but I'm still uncomfortable with whooping up eco credentials. I try to incorporate green-ness in everyday life and crafting but I'm no eco-warrior. The spotlight above brings together some of my more thrifty, upcycling projects and the new design of felted flotsam cuff above incorporates handspun 'sweepings' (from Yummy Yarn) with brand new wire (it's almost impossible to upcycle wire though my flotsam brooches do use up the odds and ends of all kinds of handcrafting offcuts). I love working with sea glass and am slowly working thru a stash of machine knit wool swatches for felting which my mother gave me. felted and upcycled alpaca purse
With a little thought it's possible to work some earth-saving practices into your crafting life!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


OK, it's not about handcrafting and it's not urging you to buy some of my carp, but it did make me laugh and is posted in honour of all the many pairs of glued on bits of lego cufflinks on all the many handmade sites out in the interwebs ........


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