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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pace hots up for portable crafting

portable crafting projects to go

collection of portable crafting projects to go

As personal time runs out I rely more and more on making my crafting portable so I can pull out a project to work on while I'm running errands or doing the mum stuff. I'll be selling at the spring Got Craft? fair at the Legion Hall (on Commercial Drive @ E6th Avenue in Vancouver, 11am to 5pm) on Sunday, May 3rd so I have some prep to do for this. I also have a birthday to get ready for - somehow I don't think that even if I knit like the wind will I have the sweater top left ready for wrapping. I'm onto the armhole shaping on the front, having completed the back and one sleeve so it would be a possibility if I didn't also have a million other tasks to complete.

For the first time at a craft fair I'll have some supplies to sell. I have spare wire beads in addition to the wire crochet cuff kits to put out on the table so come on down all you DIY'ers.

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