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Sunday, June 28, 2009

please take my child to work day - yabloodyhoo

portable crafting projects
portable crafting kit - ready to go

Today is "(Please) Take My Children To Work" day - but I am unlikely to benefit from this (just like all the other SAHMs round here especially since school has ended for the summer).
This is a glimpse of how I routinely take my work to my child (since that is how things are done around here right now) - a tray of handcrafterly goodness with projects to complete. If I have something set up like this it means I can indeed go watch Spiceworld with The Wee Guy for the umpteenth time and manage to be productive too (and even retain a little sanity and brain power perhaps).

Friday, June 26, 2009

follower friday (it's a new thang)

IMG_2997, originally uploaded by ritasmeeta.

It's Follower Friday (bear with me, it's a new tradition I'm throwing in here to try make my blogging a little more productive). Portable Crafting now has seven amazing followers so I wanted to introduce you, gentle reader, to them one by one.
First up is ritasmeeta who makes astoundingly cute stuff as shown above, gorgeous bags and purses, and is also an active member of the Vancouver BC Etsy street team.
You can buy her work on Artfire too and read all about it here.
Thanks for following, ritasmeeta!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

pattern play

at last!
simple shell stitch pattern in 28G copper

I've been itching to try this for some time but as usual time itself has been conspiring against me! Finally I tucked a crochet hook, the 28G copper wire and the pattern details into my portable crafting pouch and set off for the great outdoors.
Feeling slightly rebellious, I left my crochet hook safely hidden as I knitted alongside other local knitters at the Rocky Point Knit in Public session held on Saturday. Yes, I knew they would be OK with me crocheting .... but with wire?
I held off with the wire until most had departed then built a foundation chain and started the pattern. It's really a simple trebles and DC shell pattern built up over a multiple of 3 chains (similar to the pattern rows here). I had tried this pattern earlier on some 'proper' fibre - the 28G copper was perfect to work with though I'm not sure how well the shell pattern comes thru.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

crafting still going portable

batch of cute promo buttons and charms for the Handmade Nation premier

It's nearly the end of the school year and crafting has gone well and truly portable. I've been rustling up a batch of promo goodies for the film premier on July 9th. They're quick and easy to make and don't require much kit to finish off.

portable project kit;
wire and cotton yarn
rings and hoops (various from my stash)
crochet hook
pliers and cutters

... and that's all

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

portable crafting for today

This weekend's inventory check was most encouraging and no frantic crafting is needed to build up stock for the Main Street car-free Vancouver festival this Sunday (I'll be between W20th and 21st Avenues on Main).

So, this week's portable crafting projects are a little more leisurely and introspective.
  • silver wire beads (they went down a storm at the last craft fair so I'm making them again for this Sunday
  • trying out a freebie knit pattern for a shrug, using some scrap yarn from my stash. front is on the circulare needles for portability while the back is on straight pins for at-home moments
  • sleeveless cable waistcoat pattern from the Sublime aran knits pattern book (knitting up an absolute dream) - on circular needles = extreme portability
I also found out that nearly all my little felted bowls have sold so I can justify whipping out the crochet hook for these portable charmers too. Might just settle down to making some on Main Street this Sunday.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

projects to go

pendants for a street festival

clutch of wire crochet pendants for the Main Street car-free Vancouver festival

It was with some trepidation that I approached this morning's task - checking inventory for a craft fair. Not so bad, some of you might be thinking, but this event is only a week away and I don't have a whole heap load of time for stocking up! I was anticipating setting up numerous portable crafting projects plus some 'burning the midnight oil' sessions ahead. :(

Instead I was pleasantly surprised. Despite having what seems like all my inventory out on sale in local boutiques, etc. there was still quite a sizeable collection suitable for the street fair. (For you locals out there, this is the Car Free Vancouver festival being held next Sunday, 14th June - I'll be selling on the block between W20th and 21st). My huge workload vanished 'pooft' and was replaced by some relaxing afternoon crafting.I finished off some wire crochet bezels for sea glass chunks then strung them on pendant cords (see above).

There are still some important tasks on the horizon (bungee cords to hold the tent down, afix some nosestuds to business cards, and so on) but, on the whole, this week should be a leisurely trot thru some portable crafting while out and about. Might get to try some new ideas!


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