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Monday, May 24, 2010

telling tales: the odd, the weird, the miscellaneous

tarantula wire and fibre ring
"tarantula (i always get what i want)" wire and fibre ring

So this is the week to tidy up all the loose ends in my "telling tales" series where I've been giving the stories behind my work featured in the Blackberry Artist's Society gift shop.
This week's theme is the odd and the weird.

Sometimes it's just plain liberating to throw caution to the winds and make something fun, that's fun with a capital F. Fun things are not sensible, reserved or practical. They may not even be suitable for wear! but they will be intriguing to look at (and will be made with plenty of chuckles).

fuzzy orchid prep
"fuzzy orchid" wire and fibre ring

Today's odd/weirdo items are two wire and fibre rings I had enormous fun making. They were both crocheted from black Artistic wire and incorporate an obscene amount of fuzzy synthetic fibre. "Tarantula" gained its name as I crocheted it to life. It's big, black, menacing and fluffy with blood-tipped fangs er, stamens advancing towards its victim er wearer. I swear this ring could crawl homewards after the party all by itself, and wouldn't go hungry en route either.

"Fuzzy orchid" is a bit milder ... but I wouldn't call it Audrey!
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