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Thursday, May 13, 2010

telling tales: mermaid multi strand necklace

a jumble of mermaid

Mermaids always wear oceanic jewelry IMO, and with all that swimming, diving and siren-singing going on it's bound to be a little 'worn' and tangled.
Thus my mermaid asymmetric multi-strand necklaces - a thorough tangle of strands, featuring a plethora of jewelry-making techniques from wire work thru chainmaille to simple beading.

copper mermaid

I have no idea why I decided to make a multi-strand asymmetric necklace one day ..... but when the piece was finished, the name 'mermaid' was firmly fixed in my mind.

a new mermaid

I've made them in silver wire, gold (as part of a recent jewelry design class) and tinned copper. My own personal mermaid is in copper and features a rather handsome wired glass cabachon as a clasp.

yes, i always look this glam

The number of strands varies but they all tangle as part of the style, and they're all called mermaid.


pomomama said...

er thanks Glennie9654 (?) but haven't you left out the string of hyperlinked dots which direct me to a porn site or similar spam?

pomomama said...

and in translation
"Study everything at all times anywhere" Chu Xi

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