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Friday, May 28, 2010

telling tales: all the rest - bags, cats and purses oh my

design-a-day d17
detail from a an embroidered wire crochet evening purse (copper, mixed fibres)

It's not just jewelry (before you accuse me of being single-minded) - I've made evening purses from the wire crochet mesh and lined them in exotic fabrics (silk, organza). They take an absolute age to construct so there are never many of them in the inventory and they are priced accordingly. They would, however, make a quite a statement dangling off your wrist to finish off a simple outfit.

constellation evening purse 'thunder'

Currently available in black, copper or silver.

kitty blinged! crafting365/ d71b
wire crochet 'constellation' collar for a cat

I also 'do' cats! Since Griz is a frequent flier in the jewelry studio, it seemed only fitting that she should have her own adornment. She graciously agreed to model the finished article (but you can see by her face that she wasn't happy). This collar is in silver wire with assorted glass beads and features a safety elastic for ease of escape (a must with adventurous cats though I would suggest this is only for indoor 'formal' attire). The collar I made for a pug was similar but didn't need the stretch panel.
Yes, I do accept custom commissions for your pet - just send me their breed and neck size!

PS: I'll be at the aptly named 'bags and bling' (purses and jewelry!) Fab Fair on June 5th and 6th at Heitage Hall in Vancouver if you'd like a look at the bags and er bling!
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