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Monday, November 1, 2010

ladies and gentlemen, the Zoe bracelet

bronzite and gold wire bracelet
bronzite and gold wire Zoe bracelet

Sometimes I sit and ponder what to call my work.
Sometimes the name jumps out at me.
Sometimes it evolves over a period of days/weeks/months (which is why you will find different names for the same piece on my flickr portfolio).

Some poor pieces languish as 'blue bead cuff' for the rest of their lives but it doesn't seem to stop them being adopted by a willing buyer.

The bracelet above had a name as soon as I saw the components together; the Zoe bracelet.
It's named after a customer of mine who I did some custom work for. She introduced me to a new way of looking at some of my components and voila! a year later and they've found a home in one of my designs.

Thank you Zoe :) Good luck with your designing career.

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