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Monday, November 22, 2010

what's happening?

tarantula wire and fibre ring
"tarantula: i always get what i want" wire and fibre ring
Life is busy busy busy right now. I'm two-fifths thru a busy craft fair season (next week at the St. Thomas Moore christmas fair) and replacing inventory like crazy (thanks buyers! - you're helping fund my back-to-college attempt).
I blogged last week about the opening for Positively Petite, the miniatures exhibit at Place des Arts - well, how about a peek of what's going on to tempt you away from your computer desk (courtesy of the folks at the V3H, thanks for the mention).

... and don't forget to check the christmas boutique while you are there. You'll find some amazing work by local artists and no doubt complete your gift buying ahead of time. Once you've said hello to Joy Kirkwood's gorgeous multi media collage seahorses in Positively Petite have a look at my "life'a beach" collection on sale in the gift shop.

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