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Friday, November 26, 2010

fibre friday: snowflake (with attitude)

This is my contribution for a gallery exhibit silent auction fundraiser (phew, what a mouthful) for the Port Moody Arts Centre in December.

As with a lot of my star shapes, this brooch started off with crochet in the round, building up layers and then points for the star. The centre was filled with blue roving and synthetic yarn before felting. To add some pzazz, I then added more layers of points in a non-tarnish silver wire (the foundation rows are in a duller silver), then finished the whole ensemble off by crocheting tendrils pointing in towards the centre. Every other tendril is tipped with a tiny glass seed bead. The way the tendrils curve in toward the middle seems to hint at a hidden menace IMO. Stamens in the middle suggest that this snowflake is in fact, a flower - a living entity. The image below shows the finished brooch in its frame for the exhibition.

snowflake (with attitude)

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