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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers: "
handwoven scarf (Beryl Hickinbottom)
The nights are drawing in, the sun barely warms the land, frost decorates the eaves each morning .... brrr! chilly out.

What you need is a warming visit to the gift shop to banish those winter chills.
We have toasty and stylish scarves, handwoven by a local weaver, to accessorise your cold weather clothing.
We have warming glass votives for maing your living room snug in the dark evenings.
We have handthrown mugs for that steaming hot chocolate at the end of the day.

Do visit :)
PS: our full Christmas Marketplace will be open from the beginning of December with extra late night shopping times :)

glass votive (Margret Billings), blooms photo tile and print (Sarah Ronald), ceramic beaker (Dan Severance)

originally from the Blackberry Artist's Society blog which I contribute to (check out the links for details)

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