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Thursday, November 18, 2010

argentium silver cuffs - ecoware

These cuffs are hand-crocheted with argentium silver, the new sterling alloy which resists tarnishing.
Sterling silver, as you know, is an alloy of various metals added to pure silver to improve the nature of the metal in terms of malleability, lustre and hardness. Sterling silver is thus only 92.5% silver to overcome the natural softness of the pure metal which renders it not hard-wearing enough for everyday use. One of the metals added to the usual alloy mix is copper. It's the copper which is the main culprit in the normal oxidative tarnishing reaction which blackens your precious metal jewelry.
Argentium sterling has been developed to include a higher percentage of a metal called germanium along with the silver. By replacing copper, tarnishing is much reduced. In addition, fire scale during soldering or other heat work is avoided too.
In summary, all of this tinkering results in a somewhat eco-friendly metal to work with. By making it tarnish and fire scale-resistant the need for harsh chemical processes during production is eliminated.
This also means that your jewelry stays sparkling for longer :)

PS: The cuffs will be at Fab Fair this weekend - why not come and see them in real life!

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