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Saturday, October 30, 2010

fibre friday: a needle pulling thread

sew; a needle pulling thread
a flotsam cuff in progress

Fibre has featured this week. I'm halfway through teaching my wire and fibre workshop at Place des Arts. Even though I get highly anxious about this teaching malarkey I'm enjoying the company of my students. Right now it's a wonderful bunch of ladies who craft, learn and experiment together while keeping a steady flow of chat going round the table. I'm getting as much out of their company as I hope they are getting out of expanding their crafting skills. We even had chocolate this week (thanks Vicki). Ladies - I do have some ideas for a further workshop and I've been working on some of your suggestions for some wire classes too :)

During each class I try to have some works in progress (WIPs) to demo with. I try to tie this in with whatever I'm prepping for. Luckily Fall/Winter is one time when I do work on wire and fibre (it's too warm for summer IMO) so I used this purples cuff to show how I stitch the fibre in place. Next week we're tackling beads so I'm preparing the components for another "warm ice" to demo some stringing techniques. This piece uses beads without fibre but the same techniques apply. We'll cover several different stringing techniques, some using wire and some using flexalon, to explore the possibilities.

Phew! I'm glad we have 2½ hours for class :)

sew; a needle pulling thread
a cluster of beads "nesting"

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