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Thursday, October 28, 2010

studio portrait Thursday: on my desk today

In the spirit of the Etsy Self Portrait Thursday group, here are my studio's self portraits for the day.

self portrait studio shot: on my desk today

There's a lot on the desk nearing completion. I find it easier to work in batches sometimes so I'll make the main pieces then leave them for finishing off. The image above shows some multi-strand necklaces I've been spool knitting from wire and adorning with these gorgeous lampwork beads. Still to be done = finish off the handmade crimps and add clasps.

self portrait studio shot: on my desk today
wire crochet cuffs with a copper wire brooch in the background

I also have a clutch of wire crochet cuffs to finish off. These need clasps and a bit of straightening out as usual. I prepped these in a batch by stringing loads of bead soups onto wire then had a crazy crochet few hours, churning them all out (in the most artistic way of course).

... and when it's all done they're heading for the christmas craft fair circuit (see the Events tab above).

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