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Saturday, October 9, 2010

fibre friday: a cluster of scarflets

a cluster of scarves, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

handmade scarflets in mohair, bamboo and cotton

yes, i know it's saturday but i did have good intentions ...

Yesterday I unpacked my stash of hand knit and crochet scarflets for the winter season. They're shorter, easy-to-wear neck attire, designed to keep the draughts out without adding bulk to the neckline.
This year, as part of my inventory prep for the christmas season, I'm planning on making for each scarflet. I think a brooch completes the package and makes them an easy gift to give.

silver and copper brooch

This year's brooch collection will be simple wire clusters, similar to the one shown above, or I'll pair some of the wire and fibre flower brooches. A brooch is a good way of focusing the eye upwards toward the face, thus distracting from any lumpy bits you'd rather someone ignored.

Camouflage dressing at its finest :)

scarflet details

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