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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

life's a beach: having a whale of a time

having a whale of a time pendant

The "life's a beach" collection is complete ...... well, there will probably be more pieces in the pipeline over the summer but I've finished enough for the gallery exhibit coming up.

Today's piece however, isn't destined for the display but did come out of the messing about with art clay sessions preceding inspiration. It's a tiny art clay fine silver charm with a happy little whale etched into its surface (which is damned difficult to photograph), dangling beside a gorgeous tablet of ocean jasper (quite appropriately IMO), a variety of orbicular jasper mined only off the northeast shores of Madagscar. (birthstone month = January, associated with the zodiac signs of aquarius and leo, said to have a calming and healing effect on the emotions as well as guarding against venomous spider and snake bites ... phew!).

The perfect summer easy-to-wear necklace - I'll be completing it with a sterling silver snake chain soon.

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