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Thursday, June 17, 2010

dry period

mess of creativity
the mess of creativity - an untidy desk usually = lots of ideas flowing

I hate wasting time. I don't have much of it in a week seeing as I'm running The Business 'in, around and in spite of the family' - precious hours should be maximised and not squandered playing pacman or on household admin or on sitting twiddling the digits wondering what to do next.

Usually I'm so busy that there's always something to do. This week is no exception as I'm only days away from one one craft fair and two and half weeks away from the next (see the where to shop tab above for details, she says cheekily) ....... but inspiration is just not there. I have a deadline for a gallery submission, ahem! I have a deadline for a gallery submission which is earlier than I remembered (duh) ..... and that has put a block on my inspiration. One project failed and the other just said 'meh' to me as I checked it out in my notebook.

...... until today that is! Voila! Today I played with art clay silver and Got Inspired (stay tuned).

ACS tiles in prep
art clay silver tiles - etched and ready to go
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