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Thursday, June 24, 2010

life's a beach: the charm bracelet

beach bracelet jellyfish
fine silver jellyfish charm

Continuing the "life's a beach" theme with a wire crochet bracelet. It would, I think, be difficult to visit an ocean-inspired theme without including wire crochet as it captures the 'tangled in the nets' visualisation of beachcombing exactly.

beach bracelet
glass fish forever trapped in the mesh

 The bracelet comprises four strands of argentium sterling silver wire in a simple chain stitch strung with freshwater pearls, vintage mother-of-pearl buttons. moonstone and crystal chips, and shell heishis. A small glass fish is 'trapped' in the mesh.

ACS tiles in prep
charm etching in progress on art clay silver tiles

Small handmade fine silver charms dangle in between the beads and the strands are wired together into fused argentium hoops.

beach bracelet charms
tiny fine silver charms: shell, jellyfish and whale

 The hoops were handforged, fused closed then hammered to texturise them. They also mean that the bracelet will fit a wider range of sizes as the clasp will hook onto any of the loops.

beach bracelet clasp
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