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Friday, June 25, 2010

fibre friday: mermaid

mermaid silver side detail
silver and blue multi-strand mermaid necklace detail

Not the usual fibre-ful Friday post but I promise you there is some of the stuff in this piece.

There have been many mermaid necklaces, all of them featuring a tangle of strands and metalwork and most of them asymmetric. This one, the silver with blue, is a little different in that all the strands are hanging from a length of organza ribbon (see, I told you there would be some fibre involved!). Each strand features a different jewelry-making technique; chainmaille, wire crochet, bead wire, chain and so on.

What's more is that each of the strands can be unclipped from the main assembly and worn separately or in any combination you choose. A truly versatile necklace I believe.

from the "life's a beach" jewelry collection

mermaid silver whole
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