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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

raccoon mums and more ....

It occurs to me that portable crafting might just be the way forward.
I've been musing over the Globe and Mail article I blogged yesterday about raccoon mums (or moms). Although I'm not quite sure why 'raccoons' (is it the nocturnal nature of a the solo time a la the little bandit, or is it the dark circles round the eyes following so little sleep I wonder?), I do think that making your sanity saver more mobile is one way that a few more hours of shut eye can be reclaimed.
Instead of crafting away into the wee small hours uninterrupted why not pack up your goodies and 'interrupt' kiddo's playtime with a few rows of knitting? They can quietly haemorrhage after a fall while you calmly finish another inch of pattern I'm sure.*

So my ideal portable raccoon-saving kit would contain;
1. a craft project with all trimmings
2. one of those super small wireless enabled notebooks
3. chocolate
4. a camera
What would your ideal portable sanity saver be?
No, there aren't any prizes.

*Yes, I was joking. Read my previous posts for tips on quick pack up of portable projects.
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