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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The very worst thing about so sick for the last week or more has been the complete lack of energy which accompanied it all. No matter that I was at home, that my portable crafting kit was prepare and easy to tote around the house and that I was never more than about 10 feet from supplies.
I simply didn't have the energy to even knit anything, not even stuff round and round in circles. bleh!
I was therefore happy late yesterday evening to be bitten by the creativity bug and finished off this cute fluffy flotsam cuff.
I've use some machine knit swatches as a base for some wire crochet. The tinned copper mesh holds some gorgeous 'antiquey' pink glass beads and fluffy wool roving embroidery. It was so portable I could finish it off in bed then toss it in the washer with a load the next morning.
All it needs now is a button closure and it's good to go!
Any takers?

portable kit used = crochet hook, wire, bead soup, cutters, darning needle, wool roving scraps

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