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Sunday, February 15, 2009

portable knitto whizz gadget thingy

I come from a family of gadget-lovers, so this nifty little package has my portable knit brain drooling with delight. I first saw it on The Twist Collective's blog (yes, home of The Sylvi coat which I will be attempting sometime before I die after I've located a stash of Thick and Quick woolease large and cheap enough).
It measures approximately 5 inches by 3 and a half inches, and contains tape measure, stitch markers, crochet hook and scissors. It is allegedly airline compliant ...... but I'm not sure I would risk it.
I am falling for it, it would make a great addition to my portable crafting kit but somehow it's just not as pretty as my MeringueShop wristlet that I currently tote all the contents listed above around in!

Maybe I'll just ask for it for a birthday!
Available on pre-order here or badger your local yarn shop.
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