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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

nocturnalism now has a new name

... and the new name is 'raccoon mum' as per this article from the Globe and Mail, which was twittered to me by @yoyomama (who incidentally write a great email bulletin).
I suppose since I've spent a goodly chunk of my Wee Guy's life so far in a sleep-deprived haze it's no wonder that I get most of my writing/crafting/business admin done after he's gone to bed. My studio is right next to his room so sometimes this 'me' time is interrupted by snatches of conversation about his day as he drifts off into dreamtime. Occasionally he joins me for a while, bringing a book or toy to amuse himself with quietly while he gets sleepy (and he does! sleep is a great hobby for all of us).
I would prefer to have an evening again but I also appreciate that I would go nuts if I had to try and cram all the things I do want to do into daylight hours. Being a mum has also taught me that I really do value my solitude, my absolute solitude, and I'm getting better at communicating this and defending rather than apologising for it.
solitude = headspace = reboot = better mothering
photo above: sawing metal in the wee small hours


Unknown said...

My thought is that the raccoon refers to the big bags under our eyes rather than the nocturnal, scavenging nature of raccoons, but maybe both *grin*

Thanks for the shout out!

pomomama said...

a pleasure, and thanks for the comment (and insight!)

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