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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring is indeed springing!

Spring is indeed springing!:
photo credit: Sarah Ronald
Spring is indeed springing, even here in the gift shop.
In fact, come on down before we’re so overgrown that the door won’t open.
The weather, as you know, has been so damp yet sunny recently that our cosy gift shop has taken on the appearance of a greenhouse. Paper artist Joan Marr’s handmade paper cards have seized the moment, and the seedcases she uses to add texture are sprouting luxuriantly.

Although we've seen paper with seeds offered as grow-your-own cards, this is the first time we've witnessed our own stock taking root from their envelopes to our shelves.
Spring is definitely sprung, especially today April 1st ;)
BAS March
detail from handmade paper by Joan Marr

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