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Friday, April 26, 2013

fibre friday: save Capilano Studio Arts and textile Program!

wire and fibre flower ring: blue anemone

Facing over $1 million in provincial funding cuts, Capilano University has made the sudden and shocking decision to cut its Studio Arts and Textile Arts programs almost immediately. Teachers and students were warned this week that their classes would not continue, although those already enrolled in two-year courses should be able to complete.

Arts and creativity is an easy thing to cut. It doesn't make anything productive; it's not associated with great wealth generation; apparently anyone can do it, and how exactly does it benefit society? If you're the average person on the street, then this probably mirrors your opinion of funding arts and artists with public funds. However, if you stop and think, then take a look around you, you'll see just how much art impacts your daily life.

Those little icons on the elevator panel, the visual instructions on a wrapper, the font and layout of the timetable you're reading - all created initially by an artistic human being.

The cute designs on clothing you pick out for your kid, or even the packaging it comes home in ...
The upholstery for your tush on transit ...
Amazing infograms, explanatory visuals, display signage at the museum, emergency exits, stores ...
This jar of strawberry jam or another one?
Where do I put my ticket?
Which way do I run to get out quickly?

Art is everywhere, and by cutting down on exposure to learning and development in the subject, we're cutting down on the usability of our world and stunting our human experience.

Remember that amazing Winter Olympics Opening spectacle? when we welcomed the world to our city, showing what we were capable of?
Now try re-imagining it without the art -would it inspire you to visit Vancouver?

Please sign the petition and add your creative voice to the debate.
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