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Monday, December 17, 2012

year end

Yesterday was my last craft fair, the farmer's market at River Market in New Westminster, so today I reclaimed my studio. Away went the craft fair kit and all the display props - bye bye till the summer season.
It's always somewhat a relief to reach the end of the Christmas madness. Now I can make stuff for fun rather than make it to replace inventory or recreate the dead-cert popular items (which I'm really glad you like, but four moss cuffs in three weeks?) that sell.
This season's been a bit of a creative dead spot where it's a struggle to find the spark. New inventory has appeared with difficulty and not with the same fire as previous years.
However, now that I don't have a need to fill inventory, I can hear my new super-torch calling and some funky copper component designs are taking shape in my daydreams.
Wish me luck for some free time over Christmas - no one will miss the turkey or a clean floor, will they?
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