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Friday, July 20, 2012

fibre friday: my stash

Wordless Wednesday: Ocean Tides:
tidal weave: handwoven scarf by Beryl Hickinbottom, $84

A re-post from another blog, but featuring the beautiful work of Beryl who is one of my fibre suppliers. Every so often I find a bag of weaving thrums, the leftovers from Beryl's loom projects, tucked away in my folder at the Blackberry Gift Shop. It's like being given a painter's palette of pre-mixed colours to play with.

It's usually a tangled mass, a riot of colours; with some patient detangling I'm left with workable lengths for embroidery, crochet and more. I usually work with more than one strand for the crochet work and select the thinner threads for embroidery.

But it's worth being patient :)

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