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Friday, July 13, 2012

fibre friday: con:text

con:text - 419 collar

mixed media art collar in metal chain, gold copper wire crochet, glass,
resin, silk with text transfer, stainless steel

con:text - plain cuff

silver copper wire crochet with porcelain, blackstone, acrylic, paper

These are the two pieces currently on show in the Port Moody Arts Centre instructors' exhibition (on until mid-August).

con:text artist statement

The two con:text pieces are a visual representation of plain English.

plain English -  a generic term for communication in English that emphasizes clarity, brevity (definition from Wikipedia).

The collar is also a play-on-words as it uses text from a Nigerian 419 scam email.
Nigerian 419 con - a type of advanced fee fraud; the number "419" refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud (definition from Wikipedia).
Fraudulent emails are usually badly written in florid over-the-top language; they are great examples of not using plain English.

The simple black-and-white cuff with its four words is the plain English version of the 419 text; easy to understand the message here "give me your money".

419 text expanded:

Dearest friend.

I am in dire need of a Godly and trustworthy person to distribute my inheritance
in the sum of $20million to charities around the world.I am Mrs.Anita Brown,aged 70yrs,currently diagnosed with terminal cancer andundergoing medical treatment for stroke.
I have just about 2months left to live in this world.This is my last wish on earth as my death is imminent and its final.
Please,you should try distribute the funds to charities as instructed.I dontintend for my inheritance to be used in the wrong ways when am gone.
Indicate your interest by writing to my personal email :anitabrwn@myself.com and i will furnish you with further information and start the process of getting the the money transfered to you.
1. Your Full Name:..
2. Residential Address:..
3. Mobile Number:..
4. Direct Telephone Number:..
5. Occupation:
6. City of Residence:..
7. Country:.
Yours sincerely,

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