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Thursday, January 19, 2012

studio portrait thursday: great, great outdoors

The wee guy, working with land artist, Chris, outside #Portmoody arts centre :)
lichen and moss - yes, i do love a nice bit of lichen and moss :)

OK, so not my studio (which I variously describe as dark, dingy, hole, cave, haven, cluttered, chaotic) but someone else's this week. 

The great outdoors. Not just the preserve of en plein air painty folks.
These photographs, which show land artist, Chris Mackenzie, at work in his studio, are somewhat a rarity since most of his work is created waaaaay off the beaten track. He stomps off into the wilderness, makes art, takes a photograph and then treks back to ?civilization. ... and his art stays behind as temporary evidence that something beautiful has been added to nature (added, since you can't improve). Chris did tell me that he re-visits some pieces to see what nature has done with them in the interim.

The slideshow is of his latest installations beside the Port Moody Arts Centre (which currently houses an exhibition of his work) and in front of the library. He and his partner worked in full view of the passing public to show how the art is created. It's not often that you see this process; it's not often you're invited to take part either, and you can see by my Wee Guy's expression that it is a An Activity Of Great Importance.

Can't wait for the hiking trails to thaw so we can get out and make our own art :)
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