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Friday, January 13, 2012

fibre friday: The Great Tapestry of Scotland

from the Great Tapestry webpage
Not my fibre work, but a lovely link to something mentioned in edit, my University of Edinburgh alumnus magazine (why yes, i am an alumnus).

Author Alexander McCall Smith (another Edinburgh alumnus), among others, has helped create the Great Tapestry of Scotland project which will document the history of my homeland รก la Bayeux tapestry style. It will feature such notable events as the opening of the Scottish parliament in 1999, Flodden, and the invention of the swing plough.

The project is apparently in need of stitchers; the organisers are registering expressions of interest on the Registration tab of the website. So, if you're in Scotland (or even if you aren't), why not sign up for this unique historical project!

For another feast of stitchiness, check out the brief article itself on p28 of edit (it's here on p15 of the online spread).

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