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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting smoochy in the gift shop!

Getting smoochy in the gift shop!:
devoted heron couple by Cathy Rycroft
Hard on the heels of Christmas and New Year - Valentine's Day! It's when couples need no excuse to get even closer than ever, unless the furnace has broken down again. It's a day of smooch, sloppy kisses, suspension of hostilities, and, if you're the mum of an elementary school kid, an awful lot of Disney-branded card-and-candy packages to get signed!

adorable frog couple by Tom Reid
Named after 14 martyred 'rebels of the state' in ancient Rome, February 14th is the day to celebrate romantic love. It's the day when over-consumption of chocolate is positively encouraged, and the notion of passion is tied in with commercial purchases.

the couple that swims together, stays together - platter by Dan Severance

So, if you want to show your romantic interest how much they mean to you, why not visit the gift shop and up your commercial purchasing quotient from our shelves.

Nothing says "I love you" more than a handcrafted love token from a local artist.

together by Del Holbrook

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