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Sunday, May 1, 2011

moonlighting and career development

interconnected social media metwork for Blackberry Artist's Society

Readers of my other non-business blog will know that I am attempting to branch out career-wise by taking a part-time diploma in professional writing studies. As my son gets older my life as a work-from-home mum is changing and I have more time to reflect on what I would like to do in, around and in spite of my family. The jewelry design and crafts teaching business has been a great introduction to being self-employed in Canada, and also a boost to my own income/confidence/self esteem as an unemployed, former career gal ... but I'd like to do more. Hence exploring writing as a career, either self-employed, contract, freelance, or within another organisation.

As part of my new career 'development' I'm trying to write more. I blog regularly for the Blackberry Artist's blog and occasionally pluck up the courage to submit a guest post. The latest is a description of the first 12 months of a new social media network which I set up for the artist's co-operative. Read all about it on my guest post on Full Bleed Arts Marketing (thanks John!).

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