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Thursday, May 5, 2011

studio thursday: QR codes and promo stuff, oh my!

QR code and logo cards

Promotion is the name of the game (la) and I want to play the game with you (with huge apologies to Bruce Forsyth).
Part of my promotion and marketing strategy (used in the loosest sense of the word) is advertising future 'in person' events to people passing by my table at craft fairs. They may not want to buy there and then, but maybe the time would be right at another occasion. Usually I print out a list of upcomings for people to take along with a business card.

This time I'm being a little more high tech.
Dear readers, may I present to the first pomo mama design QR code.
The QR Droid app on my smartphone generated the code which I then sent as a jpeg so I could download and print out.
Using MS Publisher I designed a cute 3cm square card with my logo on the reverse.
I'll let you know how they worked out at Got Craft?

promo cards for Got Craft? this weekend
QR code (go on, scan it! (you now you want to)
i will be selling here on Sunday


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