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Saturday, April 30, 2011

my heart, my home

midnight 'milky way' cuff
'milky way' night sky wire and fibre cuff - wool, copper-core coated wire, glass, gemstones, pearl

I thought I'd set a theme going while my work's on display at Port Moody Arts Centre.
I've already posted a few numerous bletherings about my "home is where the heart is" exhibitions so I'll try now to introduce the pieces on display. Most are for sale thru the arts centre, btw ;)

But first, how did I end up taking over the display case in the Plum Gallery?
It was a total fluke. By Christmas, there was a gap in the exhibition schedule and I was asked if I would like to fill it. The theme was totally up to me, no pressure but pieces were needed by the beginning of March.
I accepted.

Christmas, and I was busy with prepping for two other exhibitions plus all the usual domestic concierge stuff that goes with the festive season, so I didn't really have time to do much towards my first ever solo show. I didn't even have a theme until the end of January. I had an idea to theme around whatever was also showing in the gallery when I was 'in residence'. The only other confirmed artist was Kathy Zhang who was exhibiting 'a series of interiors' (these are unlike any interiors you have ever seen - you really should see them!) This got me thinking.
... then I remembered a series of work from my buddy and co-conspirator, Tanis Alexis "we shall live here" which I adored in both concept and execution.
... which reminded me of why I got started making jewelry in the first place.

"home is where the heart is" - an exploration of homesickness through wearable art and jewelry
(exhibition runs until May 29th - go see it!)
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