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Thursday, April 14, 2011

studio portrait thursday: the empty bench

It's empty. After all the hustle, bustle and deadlines of the last six months my bench is empty.

I've prepped for christmas craft fairs, created for not one, not two, but three gallery exhibitions - every spare minute has been has been filled, every shelf/box/tray/cubby hole in my studio has been filled with WIPs and finished items.

But now it's all complete.

What next?

my mother's necklace

Well I need to make some pieces to wear for 'my' opening reception next week - I have an idea for revamping a necklace of my mum's.
And I might try some new embroidery/textile ideas on a cuff.
So I won't be bored :)

PS: opening reception for "home is where the heart is" takes place Thursday, April 21st at the Port Moody Arts Centre (6-8pm).

dried leaf skeletons

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