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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

W.I.P April

... or maybe I should say R.I.P. April.

I naively thought that April was going to be a leisurely month, in which taxes would be posted and the creative process would flow.

That was until I turned the page on my calendar and realised how much time I had lost thru fighting a heavy cold in addition to Spring Break.

So from the top (with gusto);
1. swag promos for Got Craft Spring fair in May, 20 of them due by April 16th
2. gallery exhibition opening on Thursday at Port Moody Arts Centre (must supply nibbles)
3. wire crochet and jewelry class prep (listed here)
4. Port Moody Arts Walk studio tour - I'm taking part!
5. Featured Artist for May in the Blackberry Gift Shop

... and did I mention it's taxes month?

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