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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is It Spring Yet? - a little late this year!

My final entry for the Make It March set - a new Is It Spring Yet? bracelet, completed as a demo piece during Wednesday's teen workshop at Place des Arts (what fun it was!).

Three strands of argentium sterling wire crochet hold white and clear beads (glass, crystal, pearls, white jade) in orbit around the wrist with the three tender "shoots" of spring aka three tiny vintage glass beads nestling in the mix.

I try to make at least one of these at this time of year. Usually the mood comes from being completely fed up with all the snow and atrociously cold weather but this year it's been so mild that Spring has arrived early, without stress. The new green shoots burst forth with ease and the magnolia trees were in bud way before last year's crop.

Is It Spring Yet? started off life as a long, opera-length necklace and has evolved thru the years to cuff and now bracelet. All have the three little green beads nestled into the mix representing my wish that spring should come soon.

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