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Monday, April 5, 2010

Make It! March under review

So maybe I didn't get quite as much made as I expected but I never set out for the theme to be a design-a-day challenge!
Anyway, I'm pleased with the results - I came up with at least two new designs (the fuzzy felted flower rings and the spool knit necklace) plus I repurposed some wire and fibre stars, making my first tiaras! I finally "made real" my drilled seaglass cufflink design and am very happy with the result! I also took a week out from working at the bench to set up my local artists' cooperative with a social media network - phew! that was hard work (and fun) to connect and is still ongoing. Then an extremely heavy cold landed me in Complete Exhaustionsville for over a week. Managed to pack in one jurying session, my season opener at the Blim Community Market, delivered my work for a gallery exhibition and a workshop for teens during Spring Break during all of this .....ah yes, and Spring Break!
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