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Thursday, January 10, 2013

not-the-studio portrait thursday: go see this

Not much going on in the studio this week, except for accounts and inventory so I'll spare you the boredom.

Instead, why not plan a visit to Maple Ridge this Saturday to catch former PMAC artist-in-residence, Shari Pratt's gallery opening at the Maple Ridge Art Gallery (2-4pm)?

Shari Pratt's powerful contemporary portraiture explores themes of identity and personal history, drawing on a cast of imaginary companions that helped alleviate childhood feelings of loneliness and isolation.
Refreshments and beverages will be served. Wine will be available for purchase. This event is generously sponsored by Thrifty Foods.

Shari's work is powerful and impressive, and incredibly engaging and approachable. I first met her at Port Moody Arts Centre this summer when I brought the Wee Guy to visit a 'real live working artist' (not that he's deprived of meeting them IRL anyway). He was fascinated by her working studio and got right down to asking all sorts of questions while I photographed items in the gift shop for the Blackberry blog.


By the time we left, he and Shari had agreed that she was going to paint a picture of him afloat in a kayak in the Burrard Inlet. Since we visit the art centre regularly, Wee Guy got to see his portrait in progress right up to opening night for the exhibition. He was suitably impressed.


The portrait is beautiful. I was blown away about how emotional I felt and how powerful the connection between painting and subject is. Each time I saw the work in progress my eyes welled up as I saw my Wee Guy come to life in her brush strokes. For those who know, the Wee Guy had a shaky start to life and I often look back in amazement that we're fast approaching a decade together. Seeing him immortalised in paint is a sweet and overpowering feeling.

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