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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Call for artists

Call for artists:
home, sweet home for the Blackberries

Psst! Wanna work with us?

The Blackberry Artist's Society is looking for new members to join the only artist cooperative gift shop in the Tri Cities. We have shelf space and wall space for your beautiful work, offer a monthly Featured Artist spot plus display space elsewhere in Port Moody, and require only that you share in running our organisation through a shift once or twice a month in the shop (note: members cover more shifts during Christmas Marketplace) plus volunteering with exec jobs, marketing, scheduling, display and so on.

Please check our website for details, and also have a look to see if your work will fit in with our aesthetic. More information can be found here on the blog and in our online Flickr portfolio. And do come visit us in the gift shop to see for yourself (and pick up a membership application pack).

We'd love to hear from you :)

Please note: all applications are juried in, which means that you, as the artist, need to attend one of our monthly meetings to present your work to the board members. There is a jurying fee (non-returnable) and then an annual membership fee. Please download a membership pack for full details.

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