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Sunday, August 5, 2012

vroom vroom

More digital doodles.
Last night's session.

I'm considering (and need to make a decision really fast since class starts tomorrow!) taking Carla Sonheim's Watercolour Transfer Paintings online class  to give my creativity a bit of a kick start. I took one of her Silliness classes (now available as at-your-own-pace workbooks herea few years ago and she is an excellent teacher.

salad days: lettuceOK OK - I'm not a 2D or watercolour artist. But sometimes it's inspiring and motivating to move into another medium, something you're not really familiar with. I took a shibori workshop a year or so ago. It's textiles so not totally out of the box, but dyeing fabric is a new one for me. My wet lettuce collar was the result - wire crochet trapping a length of shibori-dyed silk.
wire ... metal ... fibre

Let's see what happens from the watercolour workshop! Stay tuned :)

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