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Saturday, August 4, 2012

fibre friday: the power station, a WIP

I'm still ploughing (or stitching) on with what's turned into my magnum opus, based mainly on how much guilt it's accumulating sitting untended in the embroidery basket in the corner.
This week I added some couching to vary the lines of pipework (and omg, there is an awesome amount of pipework to complete) using two different shades of grey for texture.
The grey, oh the grey of it.
Just for some fun i'm planning to add some splashes of colour in odd places.
But for now I plug away with the grey.
On a side note, and somewhat more inspiring, the embroidered floral initial is bound for framing soon. I washed it last night after checking in with the framer for matte board, stand offs and frame yesterday. Today - ironing then off to the framer.
Yes - i'll update with pics :)
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