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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


From Evernote:


Spent most of today wandering blissfully around the Van Gogh/museum. Oh what heaven!
The main permanent exhibitions are arranged chronologically so it's possible to follow the artist's progression as he experimented with different techniques and ideas. Sadly, it's also a diary of his decline in the last two years of his life, culminating with his suicide in 1890.
Historians believe he suffered greatly with epilepsy during this time. To make matters worse he also felt that his artistic ability was slipping away. How unfair.
I completely fell in love with his bold colourful Parisian paintings and completely captivated by the warmth and immediacy of the Arles work. Although the museum was busy with some of the most impolite gallery visitors I have ever encountered (wandering right in front of you to obscure the paintings, standing with backs to the works while listening to the audio tour thus spoiling the view for everyone else) it was a complete treat to get up close enough to appreciate each brushstroke. One thing which occurred to me when looking at the more vibrant colourful pieces was how migrainous and jazzy the effect is; those of you who suffer from visual migraines might know what I mean. Coincidentally, it's Migraine Week right now!
And even more of a treat was the Wee Guy's very obvious enthusiasm for the whole visit, drawing admiring glances and comments from visitors.
We both appreciated the cafe :)

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