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Monday, September 12, 2011

September's Featured Artist: Tom Reid

September's Featured Artist: Tom Reid: September's featured artist, Tom Reid

During September the work of stone carver, Tom Reid, is featured in the gift shop display. As you can see from the photographs in this post, the display case is filled with a most wonderful menagerie of critters for adoption.

September's featured artist, Tom Reid From salmon to dolphins and orcas for your (very large) aquarium, plus horses, swans and and a couple of bears for the landlubbers, there is definitely something pleasing for everyone.

September's featured artist, Tom Reid Tom has been carving stone for over 35 years, and works in a variety of materials including soapstone, alabaster and jade. His main works represented in the gallery are inspired by the natural world and he accurately captures exactly the right expression or stance for each animal he carves. Tom also demonstrates his carving techniques at local rock and gem shows around the area so keep an eye out to watch this artist at work.

September's featured artist, Tom Reid

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