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Sunday, February 6, 2011

yet more verse

yet more verse, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

In the beginning .... I dabbled.
I dabbled in a lot of strange things when I first opened my Etsy shop.
I also played around with a variety of different crafts and explored what I could do with my computer.
One of the results was A Series of Questionable Greetings Cards. Yes, there was a series.
The two runaway best sellers were Appalling Fridge Poetry featuring awesome, rude or plain unintelligible poetry culled from my fridge (from the fevered minds of myself and my sister), and the I Tried But It Died series which were simply a set of photographs of houseplants I had killed (all in colour).
Questionable greetings cards - the I tried but it died series
I also 'published' a series of 'sentiments' cards "Thinking Of You" which were illustrated with images of cat poo, a mouldy dead fish, and a withered flower.
All cards were very simple cardstock with my photographs stuck to the front, plus a plain white envelope. They were way back in the beginning of my crafting time ... until a few weeks ago when I got a request to remake the fridge poetry set again ... so here they are!

PS: I do requests :)

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