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Friday, February 25, 2011

fibre friday: embrace copper cuff

embrace copper cuff, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

copper wire crochet cuff with felted fibres and a tumbled beach pebble

Why 'embrace'?
The beach pebble is one that my mum collected and then tumble polished a few years ago. Sadly she's no longer pursuing this particular hobby but I do have a stash of her gems. None of them are drilled so making them wearable has been a challenge.

Wire crochet is a particularly versatile technique; stitches 'knit' together to make a mesh and freeform design is incredibly easy. Custom cabachon bezel settings are very easy to engineer, as seen holding this pebble in place.

The cuff is called embrace because that is exactly what the wire and fibre is doing to the beach pebble. It's held in a close and secure embrace at the front of the cuff. The amazing green in the pebble contrasts with the copper and fibre. The cuff makes my mum's beach pebble into a portable souvenir of her time on the beach.

home is where the heart is :)

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