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Saturday, December 18, 2010

last chance to see ...

silent auction at Port Moody arts centre

The silent auction fundraiser at the Arts Centre in Port Moody wraps up this Sunday at 3pm. I've had the usual buzz and nerves seeing my work exhibited and checking the bids book every few days to see if I'm popular (yes, both my snowflake brooch and the purse with chainmaille bracelet have bids against them, phew!).

Silent auction at Port Moody arts centre

Each year, arts centre members, instructors and artists from the gift shop can pick up either cradeled panels or a lump of clay to transform into a work of art which is then donated to the fundraiser. I suspect I'm not the only contributor casually flicking thru the bids book to make sure their pieces has a good home for the holidays. For the popular kids there are small bidding wars going on.

I've almost got a popular kid this year :)

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